Watermelon and cantaloupe ball salad with coconut milk dressing

Every year, from the first day of spring onwards, we all foresee a picnic and wait for the perfect sunny day. This is what I made recently when we went for the first picnic of the year. It’s the cool, refreshing, sweet effect of this salad is the main tempting thing and your family will be asking you to make it for every picnic.

Put the melon salad into an air tight plastic container and keep it in a cool bag if you are taking it out with you for the picnic.


½ Medium size watermelon, deseeded
½ Canteloupe melon, deseeded
40ml Coconut milk
1tsp Honey
2tsp lemon juice
Zest of one lemon
Small pinch of cardamom powder
Mint leaves, for decoration


Use a melon – baller to scoop out the juicy, sweet flesh of watermelon and canteloupe melon. Line a tray with cling film and arrange the balls on it and keep it in freezer for an hour.

In a small cup, mix coconut milk, honey, lemon juice, lemon zest and cardamom powder. Pour it over the frozen melon balls. Decorate with mint leaves.



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