Nutriadvice website provide one to one professional nutritional advice to clients to enhance their health and well-being. With you have two options:

(1) Face to face consultation For face to face consultation, please contact us via phone ( 01183914664 ) or email ( ) to book your appointment. After booking the appointment please come back to this page to Register Online. The treatment is fully based on information you provide us through tailored questionnaires. You must take initiative to answer all the questions correctly because this is the only way we can assess your situation accurately. We may also suggest laboratory tests in some cases. After the analysis of your completed questionnaire, you will receive a detailed report at the end of your initial consultation. The report will cover all the aspects of your situation and your personalized dietary programme. Most of the programmes on an average run for 8 to 12 weeks in two or five phases. We have special programmes for vegetarians - So make sure that you specify that while filling your questionnaire. After starting your programme, you can arrange follow-up consultation after 2 to 4 weeks to assess your health improvement and to make any necessary changes to your programme.

(2) Online Consultation For clients who are unable to reach our reading clinic we also provide online consultation. All online consultation are based on information exchanged via emails or through online tools available at web site. Please check individual treatment pages for details of specific online programmes. Consultation at Reading Clinic•

Initial Face to face consultation - £75

Follow up session - £60

Kids healthy eating plan - £50

Online fully guided programmes - £65 per phase

Online self assessed candida treatment pack - £55 (one off)  

Laboratory test are not included in the above fees 

Ask a nutritionist - free

*All fees are non refundable

Nutritionist Reading, Berkshire
Contact: Nutriadvice, The Therapy Centre, 6B Church Street, Reading Berkshire RG12SB.
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