Healthy Recipes

Mince Beef Patties

This one is an ideal summer picnic recipe. Eat it as a salad or as a classic wrap filling !!


Mushroom Soup

This is one of 'everything in a bowl' soup recipe. Like it for the creaminess of mushrooms or cashews, or for the usual pairing of garlic or onion, or the unusual hint of orange peel or lambs lettuce.


Soya and Chilli Chicken

We all love that chinese take away once in a while. But the restaurant version is usually high in fat, salt and sugar. So try this healthy version of traditional chilli chicken instaed of spending money on unhealthy version. It will only take minutes to prepare and will taste supreme.


Warm Quinoa Salad with Pan Fried Tomatoes on Vine

Very delicious complete meat free meal that is low in saturated fat and salt, packed with fibre, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This is an ideal detox meal to try after continuous partying and binging on fatty, sugary foods.


7 Nutrient Rich Smoothies

After weeks of over indulgence, non-stop eating and drinking you may want to detox your body and boost your immunity. Here are seven smoothie recipes packed with fruits and vegetables. All the smoothies are highly nutritious and made in a way to get different types of antioxidants from different smoothies. Pink Rice smoothie from this smoothie series has been picked up by Guardian News paper and published in Saturday cook section.


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